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austin centre

701 brazos street




Building Size:

326,335 SF

16-Story Office Tower

Parking Ratio:

1.3:1,000 Structured

Parking Ratio

Building Elevators:

Six Elevator Cabs Utilizing

Destination Dispatch

One Freight Service Elevator

Typical Floorplate:


24,000 SF

touchless upgrades

for a smooth transition

back into the office

Austin Centre has upgraded many different areas of the building to ensure tenants

are the number one priority of safety regarding COVID-19 restrictions. 

New automatic hand sanitizer dispensers

at all entrances and each elevator lobby, including upper floors as well as in restrooms

Upgraded HVAC systems

to MERV-13 filters which inactivates 99.9% of airborne microbes

Touchless ticket taking option for guests  

at the parking garage entrance kiosks

Destination Dispatch elevator systems

avoids overcrowding in elevators

Signage reminders throughout building 

going over safety precautions

UV lights on our air handlers that kill bacteria

entering the HVAC system

License plate recognition 

for monthly parkers

QR code option on our

building directory

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